A Headteacher's Report

"We were looking for something extremely special - the team at eco-classrooms delivered exactly what we needed"

The biggest challenge for this project facing eco-classrooms was to delvier and build the modular classroom we required over the six- week window of the summer holidays - it's a logistical nightmare for all schools. Eco-classrooms from Day 1 managed to stick to schedule throughout the project, and delivered the entire programme exactly on time.

The project management was probably less stressful than anticipated - because the eco-classrooms team were able to deliver what we needed as opposed to what they needed. During the holidays we've got lots of different contractors that work on-site and eco-classroms were able to work in partnership very effectively - so the project management for this building went really smoothly.

When the children and staff came back - they were simply blown away by the result. From the first moment they could see it was a classroom and teaching space that would work - and it does work - for our complex needs students, it just has to be very special.  It's working really well, beyond what we expected.

The free-flow element of this sustainable building was critical - one of our key objectives was that we wanted a teaching space wher the children could break out and learn in the enviromnet and natural space that surrounded this building - and that's been achieved due to the level access to the building.

We've already realised that this eco-classroom is perfect for us to adapt to whatever the weather throws at us - whether it's boiling hot high temperatures or freezing cold low temperatures. From our perspective, eco-classrooms have delivered us a building that's highly efficient and very ecologically friendly and energy efficient and economical and affordable to maintain going forward.