Beating the baby boomBuilding a viable solution to the meet primary school places squeeze

Two thirds of local authorities across the South East and East Anglia face more primary school pupils than places available by the start of either the 2014 or 2015 academic year as a result of a recent surge of birth rates.

Population growths in areas like East Cambridgeshire and Peterborough results in severe need for more classrooms to be built quickly. Meanwhile, more than half of London Boroughs are tackling a severe shortage of more than 5% in the same next 18 months with boroughs like Croydon, Waltham Forest, Newham and Hounslow facing severe shortages. The need to build more classrooms won't go away, as local authorities and secondary schools build contigency plans to meet severe shortfalls in the coming years, the challenges are to build a cost value and quick solution. As energy costs continue to soar the education sector considers effective ways to reduce the long term energy costs and usage in our schools by building sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for the future generations. eco-classrooms™ provide an effective quick to build solution, whilst demonstrating the benefits of a sustainable solution to our school children.

Unlike many quick to build mobile solutions, we individually design each of our buildings to maximise natural light and surroundings, and where needed incorporate the outside areas to encourage free-flow areas. Our classrooms are individually designed optimise the internal temperature cost effectively by using air-source heat pumps. Our designs significantly reduce the energy costs and usage for the lifetime of the building and we can now add solar panels for free too to bring the energy costs of our eco-classrooms to a minimum.

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