Ensure your school has new classrooms ready for September

Details of timescales, preparatory information and more

Is your school or nursery in desparate need of additional new classrooms ready for the September Term? Do you need to suitably house your increasing number of pupils? Are you still awaiting finalisation on your budget allocations or finances? The good news is that a completed high-quality permanent building solution is still achievable ready for this September - even if you haven't yet secured planning permission.

But it is decision making time and your company needs to be placing an order by the middle or end of March to secure the order and ensure your school has brand new classrooms awaiting the children's return to school in September. So here's an example for how the timescales could work...

Eco-classrooms would work with you during an initial design phase lead in time; here we'd finalise the design, plans and costings with your team and prepare a final scheme and all-inclusive turnkey solution. We'd then submit a planning application which should be decided within 8 weeks, if there are no additional issues arising. We'd need 6-8 weeks to procure and manufacture the timber frame and components off-site, depending on the size of the classroom required - for example perhaps a single, double, triple classroom or a new library facility or multi-functional space or outdoor classroom provision. These would all precede the on-site build time.  

For a single classroom build - the on-site build time can be as little as 6 or 7 weeks.  A double classroom build could take 8-9 weeks.  We've also fully completed a five classroom block on-site in as little as 18 weeks - ready for the children to move in and have a new little filled classroom with excellent high-quality specifications and eco-credentials. Get in touch today to find out more.

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