Financing help is here to meet your rising pupil intake numbersGiving you the option to quickly acquire a beautiful practical building space that will last for a generation, for a similar cost to a standard temporary mobile classroom

So often we're hearing that there's an acute need for extra space in our schools to accommodate rising pupil intake numbers and meet your classroom shortages - this shortage is now rippling into our secondary schools as well as our primary schools. However the funding is regularly not available in the short term.

In order to overcome this dilemma we work with a reputed finance company specialising in the public sector. This option creates the potential for you to own a high-quality architect-designed eco-classroom for a comparable costs of renting a traditional mobile or modular solution in the short term.

Here's an example:- To install a temporary classroom, the foundation and installation and eventual removal costs alone could be in the region £35-40K. Then your rental costs for a double classroom are likely to be in the region of £3K per month. So over a 5 year period a standard mobile classroom your rental costs in the region of £180K with the additional costs of £35-40K totalling some £215K-£220K over 5 years.  Eco-classrooms could provide you with a higher quality build solution purposefully designed to meet your schools layout, needs and budget requirements at a lower or similar cost to this.

Financing can be accessed in just a matter of days subject to credit checks and client analysis. Repayment schemes are tailormade, typically from 2 to 7 years. The company offer highly competite fixed rates so you know your repayments won't increase with any interest rate increases. Whatsmore in some cases you'll benefit from tax relief savings which will reduce the overall net costs of finance.

So if you don't want to comprimise on the quality and design of your school classrooms and buildings, and potentially have access to some funding in the future, but need to secure additional classroom space immimently - this financing scheme presents a viable solution.

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