Finding and funding new classroom solutions - quickly!

Consider the long-term - when needing short term classroom spaces.

The Education Secretary has recently shaken up the schools funding formula.  However schools remain hard-pressed in making budgets stretch to deliver quality education and facilities for our children.  So cost is always one of the key issues.  When researching new captial build projects - a modular and sustainable classroom certainly needs considering.  It's a quick to build affordable solution - that's cheaper to build than a traditional brick building solution, whilst being of better quality and offering greater flexibility to traditional mobile solutions. 

LIkewise the on-going maintenance and energy usage costs are kept to a minimum. For example our eco-buildings have either an 'A' or 'B' rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).  They're bult with a 40 year lifespan - and in 40 years time they'll be in much better condition than the 1970's built portables that our children are still being taught in nationwide today. 

Often classroom space is needed in a hurry and at short notice to meet ever increasing classroom shortages - and school managers need to act quickly to create additional pupil places.  Temporary portable solutions are often installed as a quick-fix solution.  These are often poorly insulated mobiles that are expensive to heat and run, whilst their installation, rental and removal costs all mount up.  A temporary mobile can cost a similar amount for just a few years use, when compared to the costs of a permanent long-term eco-building modular solution.

So, it's really worth researching the option of a sustainable high-quality eco-classrom, when you're in need of a quick turnaround school building to meet your classroom shortages.  Your children and staff will thrive in a light-filled fantastic learning space that will inspire the next generations for decades to come. 

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