What's included in our all-inclusive priceA list of our high-quality fittings, specifications and design

Research shows the design of a classroom at primary school level can boost learning progress by up to 16% in a single year (*Salford University - Clever Classrooms), so considered sustainable eco-classroom designs will have a direct correlation to the learning achievements of our children.

Less than 10% of all non-domestic EPC’s were rates A+, A or B in England and Wales from 2009-2014. (Source: Energy Performance Building Certificates in England and Wales, DCLG). All our eco-classrooms meet this standard.

All of the following our included in our simple all-inclusive pricing structures:

  • Preliminary works and planning permission costs.
  • All the associated fees including: design fees, EPC fees, CDM Compliance and further Statutory Fees.
  • Mechnical and Electrical Works and External Works All interior fittings and fixtures (except loose furniture and IT equipment).
  • Additional structures such as canopies and veranda and play-areas.

We fit high quality fittings and specfications as standard.

For example, our prices usually include:

  • Superb levels of insulation to significantly reduce energy costs and usage.
  • High quality PVC windows and doors
  • Specialist LED lightling sytems which we helped design to maximise the spread of light.
  • Air source heat pumps to maintain a constant temperature by both heating the air in winter and cooling it in summer.
  • Sub tubes - to maximise natural light and motion light sensors, fire and security alarm systems.
  • Our timber framed buildings are made from 99% recyable materials from FSC sourced timber and have the capablity of achieving Passivehaus Standards.
  • A range of high calibre warranties.

Often our designs and prices also include:

  • Bi-folding doors.
  • Solar (PV) panels.
  • Veranda areas.
  • Incorporated play and free-flow areas or outdoor spaces.

Compared to historical classroom mobiles - our internal environments enhance alertness and mental productivity. Research shows environment that is excessively hot, cold or damp will diminish anyone's working efficiency and temperament.

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